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My First Love

Give your lover a dozen roses and do it with a creative twist.
Give eleven red roses and one white rose. Attach a note that reads:
"In every bunch there's one who stands out and you are that one."

Sending a birthday card isn't just a good idea, it's an obligatory romantic gesture.
But how about doing something different this year?
On your lover's birthday, send a "thank you" card to his/her mother.

Gallantry never really goes out of style.
So every once in a while kiss her hand with a flourish.
Note: The proper way to kiss a woman's hand is to lower your lips to her hand.
You don't raise her hand to your lips.


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Happy Valentine's Day 2010 !

Gift wrap a wishbone in a jewelry box.
Send it to her with a note that says,
"I wish you were here."

Unplug the TV.
Put a note on the screen saying,
"Turn me on instead."

Go through revolving doors together.

Write him a little love note.
Insert it into the book he's reading.

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There is a brief roundup on all types of Roses and what their colour signifies to the receiver. So if you are planning to propose someone or only tell them that you are in awe of them , you will have a clear idea as to which rose to choose from:

  • Red Rose- Known for love and intense passion, it presents your deepest feelings in a clear form to the one you love dearly.
  • Pink Rose - Represents admiration, elegance and sophistication especially for woman. It represents feminism.
  • Purple Rose -This Lilac colour which is also the colour of royalty and is known for beauty and love at first sight.
  • Yellow Rose -Means deep end friendships and immense faith in each other. It also signifies happiness, joy and care.
  • Orange Rose - The coral colour stands testimony to the feelings of enthusiasm, excitement and a new beginning to life!
  • Green Rose - A very rare rose and quite hard to find these days, it is a symbol of calmness and fertility!